2018 Hainan Birdwatching Festival

2018 Hainan Birdwatching Festival

Dates: Mar. 24, 2018        Location: Xinying Mangrove National Wetland Park


The 2018 Hainan Birdwatching Festival will be held on March 24, 2018 at the Xinying Mangrove National Wetland Park (海南新盈红树林国家湿地公园), where many rare and beautiful bird species can be seen, including the black-faced spoonbill, spoon-billed sandpiper, Chinese egret, red junglefowl, and many more.


A bird-watching competition will be held as part of the Festival, with teams of two people each. In order to register to compete, please scan the QR Code below. Registration ends on Mar. 18, 2018.




by Nicki Johnson

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